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Coalfinger – a new Greenpeace 007 spoof

coalfinger2003Came across this on the Greenpeace UK web site the other day. Taking advantage of the press buzz around the release of ‘Quantum of Solace’, Greenpeace has released ‘Coalfinger’, an animated James Bond spoof about the climate-wrecking dangers posed by a new generation of coal-based power plants. Sounds worthy but in fact is very funny, with great voiceovers from Peep Show’s David Mitchell as the Bond-like agent Graverson Green, and the ever wonderful Brian Blessed as his arch-nemesis, the eccentric billionaire Coalfinger.

You can watch it here, or in better quality on www.coalfinger.com, where they also make it easy for you to share it with friends. And that’s kind of the point – coal is a crucial issue in the fight to reign-in runaway climate change, but we need to make a lot more people aware of this to truly get the message across – Coalfinger is a good shot at getting the point across in an entertaining and informative way.

According to the Coalfinger Web site, “As a lover of our planet, Graverson Green, like us, is not a fan of dirty coal. Cue Coalfinger, a coal super villain and Green’s ultimate enemy! Along with his dopey sidekick Dr. Anthracite, Coalfinger (with the help of giant energy utility Eon) plans to cover the world in coal-fired power stations and destroy the climate. Can Green stop them with the help of his assistant Katrina Hurkane?


Although this is an animation, it’s totally relevant to what’s happening in our world today. The use of coal for energy is having an incredibly negative effect on the climate, and like Coalfinger, many energy companies around the world are forging ahead with plans for new coal-fired power stations despite the evidence of their impact. Green, on the other hand, reminds us that we must work together to stop dirty coal plants and fight for clean and renewable energy.

Sometimes, we need a James Bond type of hero to save the planet. In other cases, we need everyone to wake up the hero inside them and take action. (And you can read this great article from the Guardian, busting once again the clean coal myth.)

Please watch and tell your friends – spread the word to as many as possible.


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