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New coal map of the UK

PIRC's new interactive Google map of coal sites across the UK

The public spirited folks at PIRC (Public Interest Research Centre) have just released an interactive Google Map of all existing and planned coal sites in the UK, including power stations and opencast mines. It’s interactive, zoomable, and full of information about the sizes of the mines and power stations being planned. Worryingly, there are more than a few.

But that’s not all – click another button and you can see all the existing mines and power stations which make up the UK coal industry and, should you so desire, you can zoom in to reveal them in all their grimy glory. The map is intended as as living document that will be updated as new information is added. PIRC is asking for people to send in information about their local power plants, mines and planning applications. So, if you’re campaigning against coal in your part of the world, drop them a line and become a contributor. We’ve already been in touch about Longannet and got our URL embedded in the map, which you can see here: http://coalintheuk.org/all/?site=Longannet. Thanks, guys!

This is a welcome addition to the growing opposition to new coal projects in the UK, pulling all the data about each proposal into one easily accessible site, which is great news. The bad news is that there are an awful lot of proposed new sites for opencast mines, on top of the six places the government would like to see new power stations. The good news is that groups like us are springing up to make life difficult for them. Why? Because we know that if the coal is dug out of the ground it will get burnt, and we know that if it gets burnt, and if we go on burning coal instead of investing in clean, safe energy sources like renewables, then we’re all in a lot of trouble.


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