No such thing as ‘clean coal’

Clean coal technology like this is at work right now in a coal-fired power station near you

Energy companies putting in bids to run new coal-fired power stations have been quick to seize upon carbon capture and storage (CCS) as the ideal solution to their biggest problem – explaining why they’re so keen to return to using the dirtiest fossil-fuel possible at a time when we need to cut CO2 emissions dramatically to reign-in climate change.

For those of us still unsure just how CCS works at a modern coal plant, the kind folk at have put together this helpful video to explain the processes already in place to prevent harmfull greenhouse gases escaping during power generation.

So take a look if you have a spare couple of minutes
– it’s a fascinating insight into the realities behind the operation of a modern fossil-fuelled power station, and tells us a lot about how seriously utility companies take their responsibilities when it comes to tackling climate change.


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