How to get involved

Ways in which you can help our campaign:

1 Send a letter to Scottish Power CEO Nick Horler asking that he ditch coal and embrace renewables.

You can use the pro-forma letter below and personalise it to get your point across in your own way:


It will have the most impact if you print it out and mail it to him, but you can also email it to him care of his secretary at Please let us know of any responses you receive at

2. Join the SANC campaign and link up with people opposing new coal throughout the country. Get in touch with us at

3. Call Scottish Power’s Public Affairs office on 0141 566 4866 and ask what their plans are for Longannet. Please let us know what response you get. This will help us with our campaigning. Always be polite but if you feel able to ask further questions, remind them that extending the life of Longannet will destroy any chance Scotland has of meeting its targets for reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, a target matched by the UK Government on 16 October 2008.

4. Contact your MP and/or MSP to oppose new coal developments generally.

Find out who they are at:

Write to them at: House of Commons, London, SW1 1AA

5. Send a message to Ed Miliband, the Minister of Energy and Climate, to tell him that we need a green energy revolution, not more climate wrecking coal-fired power stations.

You can do this via the Greenpeace website at:

Time is running out. Climate change is accelerating due to fossil fuel use. Fossil fuel reserves are diminishing causing fuel prices to rise. Climate change will cause sea level rise, flooding low-lying areas. If all the ice at the poles melted, sea levels could rise by around 70m. Due to positive feedback, climate change may soon be beyond of and out of our control. Climate change could cause the extinction of up to a third of all of the Earth’s species. Many species of amphibian, birds, reptiles and mammals are already critically endangered. Do you really want to wave goodbye to the beauty of the world? Do you want your grandchildren coming up to you in thirty years time asking why you didn’t do anything to stop it?


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